About ZBF

My name is Leah and I am zemamabear (ZMB). Tanios, my husband and bomb-diggity dad, is zepapabear (ZPB). We live in Rhode Island, with our two babes, the Boy and the Baby, plus four chickens and a geriatric ginger cat. ZPB and I met in college when he heckled me, the campus sex columnist, into dating him, which lasted for all of three weeks. We reconnected after I moved back to RI from graduate school in VT about five years later. Now, we focus on raising our sweet boys, and making big plans for the future. Castles, flying contraptions, magic lamps, all that jazz.

No, but seriously, we are going to be famous.

Four words that describe ZMB (according to ZPB):





(I think he was drunk)

Four words that describe ZPB (according to ZMB):





There, now you know us. (That was a joke…did it manifest? I can never tell.) That’s all that feels salient now…oh, right. We are 27 and know very few people with kiddos our age, so there is that. 😀 Cheers!


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