Wow. Talk about a Sabbatical.

When I started this blog, I was pregnant with my second son. I had a 1 year old, who was in school 2-3 days per week to accommodate the barrage of cooking and chores my husband and I agreed that I would do. Well, a lot has happened in a little over a year! My new baby, ZBB (Ze Baby Bear, for those unfamiliar with my conventions) and I stayed home full time for about a year. It was a great year, and it FLEW by. My big boy went off to school 5 days a week, happy as a clam. Soon after starting school full time, it became clearer and clearer he was struggling to speak and to feel comfortable enough to learn in certain environments. While the latter discomfort had always been intuitive to me, we soon learned that he (and possibly I) have some sensory processing needs which help him feel better, and thus focus more on using language expressively. He has seen an Early Intervention Educator, Speech Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist since then. Recently, ZBB has started seeing the same Early Intervention educator, a Nutritionist and an OT. More on that as we move forward.

Shortly after that time, I started a wildly unsuccessful job search, in which I was invited to present in third round and second round interviews, only to get that dreadful e-mail a week later. Deeply demoralizing,  that search ended in my husband and I deciding that I would take on both kids full time. It was a tough choice, but we needed to do it. So, it’s been about 5 months, just me and my boys. And we know those chores haven’t gone away, Mt. St. Laundry beckons each morning. However, the cloth diapers did have to go. it was one thing to wash them while the boys were in school and stuff them at night, another thing entirely when my entire day is packed to the brim. Even so, this has been HARD. I think it has been tough on all of us. Being a stay at home mama is not for the weak, people. Not with two toddlers, and while I’m sure many mamas do it with more, it has been exhausting. While my job search is not as voluminous as it once was, I’m still placing applications when a great position comes along. I have been ready to go back to work for some time. In the meantime, I’m certainly busy enough.

Nevertheless, I’m back. I’m here. And it is time to start writing again. Recently, I have had a wonderful freelance opportunity come my way as I do some articles here and there for the local Jewish newspaper. It’s actually been kind of fun; they keep asking me to cover these fascinating cultural events; film screenings, plays, family portrait, art exhibitions. So, it is time to revisit my own writing. This humble blog is that. Frankly, I haven’t a care whether anyone reads it or not, I blog the way Plato learns– for the sake of it. So, with my (lofty?) ambitions in mind, let’s proceed.



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