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Top Five Winter Picks for Cold Weather Dwellers

One of my most faaaaavoite mama-bloggers out there, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Home, put forward a post (found here) last year on this very same topic and it seems to be making the Pinterest rounds again this year, which I think means we are all freezing our collective toucases off. Once I went through her picks, I found many that I thought to myself  “Oh yeah? Not in New England, sister!” So I had to go and make my own picks. Behold…My Top Five.

1. Wool socks.

Don’t play games with your socks, ladies. They have to be wool and the wool has to be THICK. I am a fan of the Smartwool ankle socks for around the house and under my Merrells. I get the ones that go up to your knee for my boots. Not gonna lie, I typically layer an ankle sock over the boot socks for extended time outside. Expensive? Yep. For the two years I was in graduate school in Vermont I literally had two pairs of winter socks, which I lovingly hand-washed and dried over a heating vent in my tiny apartment. Worth every single penny.

2. Down-filled coat OR wool coat.

I go back and forth here. While the down filled coat is always #1 for warmth for me, you have to love the lack of bulk a good wool coat provides. And, you don’t have that swishy nylon sound…I hate that swishy nylon sound. Maybe that’s just me…

Again, don’t play games with materials. Acrylic-wool blend? No. Down-substitute? NO. LLBean and Lands End have such excellent return policies, it’s nuts not to save your pennies and get a coat from them. It will be he last coat you buy provided you keep that receipt!

3. House sweater.

This is one where Meagan and I agree. A house sweater is muy importante. It feels like I am more pulled together than I actually am and unlike a bathrobe, I can actually throw a coat over it if I need to dash out for something. I have a wool-blend one that seems to do the trick, and helps us persnickety New England folks keep the thermostat at a reasonable level.

4. Fleece headband.

I love these. Partially, it is because I have ears that like to stick out, which in turn become FREEZING, but also because there is a distinct snow-bunny appeal I never grow tired of emulating. Hats are good, some people are hat people, but I love a good fleece headband, especially high quality fleece, because that generally ups the warm-factor. Frankly, I can usually find a good one at Target.

5. Waterproof Too-Legit-To-Quit Boots

Look, I’m going to be shoveling snow, and shlepping a carseat, diaper bag, lunch bag and a toddler who just wants to be carried down the icy front steps of my house: my primary concern isn’t exactly fashion, it is avoiding breaking my goddamn neck. These are my go-tos, and frankly, they grip ice and snow like nothing else. I also appreciate that they come in wide sizes for women like myself who have hobbit feet.