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Quickie Fall Wish List

OK. Labor Day is over. I don’t give a damn is the autumnal equinox isn’t for another 22 days, I’m calling it fall. Or, at the very minimum, Indian Summer. Now I can start dreaming of my perfect fall activities and traditions.

YES. I am one of those people.


Thing is, I’m not a summer-person. Sure, I can get it up for a few backyard bbqs, and I do love a good pool swim or dip in the ocean (no seaweed, please). But the other seasons are far more introvert-friendly, and no season captures the romance of nature and the coziness of home like fall. So, since it’s late and I have five minutes, here it is…

my Autumnal Wish List.

1. Beta test a DIY light table with The Boy

2. Watch Hocus Pocus, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It’s a Wonderful Life, 

3. Knit one scarf per month to be gifted to friends for Holidays. I got a jump start and finished my August one a week ago.

4. Make pumpkin spice scented play dough. JUDGE ME I DARE YOU

5. Make Rice Crispy Treats

6. Enjoy Angry Orchard cider after the kiddos go to bed with my adorable husband (omgomgomgomgomgomg)

7. Stroll (with a layer!) around the neighborhood

8. Make Popcorn Balls for trick or treaters, and for the hooligans in general

9. Order new Treat stickers (I put them on the outside of our wrapped popcorn balls so parents don’t throw them out. It just says “Happy halloween from the (our last name) family” and it lists our address.

10. Have several backyard bonfires, with cider.

11. Bangs?

12. Get lots of pictures of the boys playing with brightly colored leaves

13. Do a proper trick or treat as a family

14. NOT spend all day on Halloween dressing up husband as an oompa loompa only for co-workers not to recognize him and hand their costume trophy off the a less-deserving candidate. (seriously? what is wrong with these folks?!), then scrubbing orange face paint off his face…ugh….pick something easy!

15. Davis Family (our sort-of adopted ‘other family’ whom we adore) football games

16. Squash soup.

17. Curried Squash soup.

18. Squash lasagna.

19. Squash muffins.

20. Apple-picking and applesauce canning.


Night folks, Happy Premature Fall.