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Cloth Diapering, Fun With GIFs and Eatin’ Vegan-ish

Long time, no posts, I know, I know. See I had this beautiful baby boy on March 11th and well…things got kind of intense from there. See, I’m a serious introvert. And, if I know anything about how I respond to having a baby, it is that the ubiquitous “nesting phase” is something my animal instinct takes VERY seriously. I don’t like unannounced visitors, people screwing around with my household systems (laundry, the fridge etc.) or general requirements that I leave my tidy, happy warm little nest, where I spend my days caring for (and adoring) my happy, warm little baby.


Well…it’s July. Damn near August, frankly. It’s time to start moving out into the world a bit. So here I am! Other updates? Well, The Boy is doing quite well, if more imbedded into his new toddler routines of yelling “mine!” and “all done!” when he wants me to stop doing something, whether that be brushing teeth or changing a diaper. He likes to thrash a lot when I am dressing him/hugging him/changing him. Which of course is, SO MUCH FUN.

Also, a word on diapers: in the last four months I have switched to cloth.
Mind = blown.
Did you know you can save something like 2500.00 PER CHILD by switching to cloth?? Now, if you get really crunchy and do cloth wipes too (NOT as bizarre or gross as it sounds, folks), you are talking some major cheddar. Now, I know a lot of folks don’t like the cloth diaper thing because they moan about how much it costs to get set up, especially when making cloth diaper purchases for more than one child. It costs our family about 350.00 altogether, once we spread the cost across four months and a few trades (I make a really nice lavender tea tree laundry detergent my local work at home mom/diaper-sewing queen really likes… So yeah. 350.00 bucks is some dough, for sure. But check this out.

Here are our diaper costs breakdown. Let’s start with The Boy, and add The Baby in at the end.

$60.00 per month Huggies Pure and Natural (via Amazon subscribe and save with FREE prime shipping)
$20.00 per month in disposable wipes (I used Target brand)
= $80.00 per month

With The Boy turning 2 in November and the average boy potty learning by 3.5, let’s just add another year and nine months of savings…

$80.00 x 22 months = $1,760.00

And let’s not forget the next oh, two years and two months of The Baby’s life in diapers (plus the four so far…)

1,760.00 + (80.00 x 30 months = 2,400.00)= $4,160.00

$4,160.00 – $350.00 = $3,810.00 in household savings. Sure, we pay for water and for Tide detergent. But, even if we saved half of that, we are looking at a sum that, if deposited into The Boy’s 529 College Fund could be $4,000.00 by the time he goes to college. GO TEAM.

Also, cloth diaper “fluffy bums” as we call them…are super adorable, and way better looking than paper diapers, for sure.


And, if you think this is like the final frontier of crunchy mama-hood YA’LL DON’T EVEN KNOW. Ever heard of The Family Cloth? :O

No, friends. THAT right there is the final frontier.


In other news, I am working towards eliminating 99% of dairy products from my diet and all meat except for occasional seafood. I do eat eggs if I know where they come from. See…like most women I gained a little weight during this pregnancy. Ok, way more than I should have. I’m not a tall person. 5’4, friends. When you are this low to the ground, every extra ounce makes you closer and closer to a snowman, or a balloon animal. Yeah, like a bloated giraffe. Whatever, you get the picture. Point is, I need to change my eating habits and actually exercise (which would involve actually leaving the house, yesiknow). So I am making strides towards a much more plant-based whole foods diet. I don’t like restricting amounts of food…it just feels really wrong to be like, “No! You’re all done.”


when my hindbrain impulses are all like, “but wait…I want another slice of toast…” It feels kind of evil and masochistic, and, being French, we don’t do that, so I just eat my toast and get on with it. Being a Jew however, I am going to deeply DEEPLY miss brisket. And that’s all I have to say about that piece because thinking about it makes me stare at the ceiling and recollect my brisket crock-pot recipe, which is the closest thing to heaven my hedonistic, rather naughty self might ever achieve. If anyone cares, I’ve lost 10 pounds (yay!)


and have another 15 to go. I won’t be thin. I won’t be athletic. I will be physically active, comfortable, curvaceous and fabulous. People will make marble statues out of me and revel in my round bits. On that note, this.


Talk soon.