Field trip to the Pet Store! Rookie Mama Challenge #37

Rookie Mama Whitney Moss of one of my go-to favorite blogs has a challenge which I think is POIFECT in this dismal crap weather us East Coasters are experiencing–the petshop. Now, she has her finger on the pulse here because she does suggest doing this challenge with an older baby. The Boy is 15 months old, so I figured he falls right in that range. It was a short trip, but a perfect one when you are schlepping through snow and ice to get from car to store with a kiddo who needs to be carried (sure he CAN walk, but I’m not chasing him through an icy parking lot 8 months pregnant. Nope.)


Wait...something in there moved!

Wait…something in there moved!

So, my notes? It was great! The only thing I could have done to plan for it better was to go on one of the days when they had dogs visiting from the local animal shelter. I am generally not a fan of pet stores in general, as I think they are overpriced for the stuff you want and they support puppy and kitty mills, which is horrid. but this pace is decent–they source all animals from local shelters! So we probably killed about 15-20 minutes, but it was an excellent vocabulary-building moment; kitty, doggy, fishy, birdy, GENTLE…plus lots of terrarium items that were fun to touch (like those half logs and all the colorful plastic ‘seaweed’ or whatever that stuff is supposed to be.

Then there was watching the gerbils and guinea pigs scurrying around (awkward moment of the day was when one guinea pig started to erm, ‘make friends’ with his pal there in the spinning wheel (kinky?) while The Boy looked on. I didn’t say anything. He didn’t ask anything.

The guinea pig incident

The guinea pig incident

We moved on to the birds, which he loved, especially the cages of parakeets, because they were so animated. The one parrot didn’t really impress him.

What parrot?

What parrot?



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