Justifying Excessive Winter Screen Time-MAKE IT AWESOME

We all TRY to limit screen time. I know. I KNOW. It is so hard though when your backyard looks like a snow-globe and your kiddos are not old enough to just strap on some snow-pants/gear and start making stuff out there. My 15 month old doesn’t even own snow-pants…maybe he should? Next year is the year, I think. So the inevitable happens…something like this look familiar?


Sure…this was taken a few months back…but you get the point. Squalor+TV ON+kiddo=crazy screen-time festivals.

The challenge becomes…how do we make it ok? CAN we make it ok? Do we just lie and pretend we played educational puzzles all day instead of the ten minutes it took the toddler to hide the pieces under the couch cushions and/or (The Boy’s new favorite) just throw them up  in the air, all pissed off like a Cosmo Kramer GIF? No. If you can’t beat em…make it fabulous. Thus I have decided to just roll with it, and not by any means in a passive “I give up” way. No, if we are going to do screen time, it is going to be AWESOME.

Here is the new equation:

Pick a movie…make it a really good classic too. Today, we are going all in for Fiddler on the Roof with Topol, an awesome film. We are making milkshakes with chocolate and bananas and I don’t give a sheet who knows it. Kiddo just learned to drink from a straw…isn’t that why they were invented? To slug down milkshakes?? We are going to take it to the next level and make popcorn from the microwave and a fort in the living room to store our booty and watch our movie. I will have some books nearby for us to flip through, and of course quiet provocations like puzzles, mind teasers and sensory toys. I always have those out and ready for play. But today we are going all out.

Because you know what? It IS gross outside. But this is still HIS DAY and it is still MY DAY…so why not enjoy it for all it is worth? For me, this is the joy of parenting…teaching my kid(s) to go with the flow, and to make it great while we are at it. Yeah yeah, I know REEELAX…I don’t serve him junk on a regular basis.  This kid eats healthier than most vegan hipster-yogis, let me tell you. He doesn’t watch loads of TV except for his morning Curious George ritual.

That is why it is special. A snow day doesn’t have to suck, it can be an opportunity to do something you might not otherwise do, because it is overly indulgent or ‘too much of a good thing’. Will post pics to recap how it goes…but I know the ending of this story already. Little boy falls asleep smiling because his mama and he played together and were silly and did fun things on a yucky day.



I’ll let the pictures do (most of) the talking from our day…

After 1st nap (9:30ish)

Errands. Target and Petsmart to see the animals. (Read more about why you should check out the pet store with your older baby here, as it is one of the Rookie Mom Challenges and a great outing idea). Snow begins. AGAIN.

Lunch, second nap. Kiddo sleeps til 2:30 (whoa??). Party time.

The squalor.

The squalor.

The film.

The film.


Baby’s first milkshake.


He likes it! Hey Mikey!

He is so disbelieving that all this can be for just us. Look at those eyes!

He is so disbelieving that all this can be for just us. Look at those eyes!



This is the good stuff.

This is the good stuff.



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