Baby, it’s Flippin Cold Outside

I love some of the weather-person lingo I keep hearing on the radio in those short forecast quips: “arctic blast will continue through early next week”, “be on the lookout for polar road conditions”–what?? So yeah, for the majority of the East coat, it is pretty damn cold outside. If I was still in my kill-bottle-of-wine-on-my-couch-watching-Long-Island-Medium-all-day phase of life I wouldn’t think much about it. I’d just go searching for the bottle opener like a normal person. But alas, I’m a mama, and mamas are BUSY regardless of the weather. I don’t want to hear the whine: “not all childless people sit on the couch all day drinking, ugh!”. Whatever. The truth is, my fourteen-month old wants to play, and climb, and giggle, and learn new things and hear music and get dirty. He doesn’t give a flip about the fact that it is currently -12 outside right now.

What to do? Well, I’ll start with what I’m doing. Ya’ll, please chime in. This will not be the first or last day we are cooped up and need to rev those imagination engines, so post your plans or ideas too, mk? Mama digs ze inspiration.

-Bucket with a few inches of warm water. Add duckie. Add some plastic stuff and a new clean sponge. Cover floor with a few towels. Hold bucket while baby splashes. Done.


– Shaving cream in a baggie. Add a drop of food coloring to baggie. Seal and re-seal with duct-tape. This is not supposed to be messy and baby may or may not take to it… I think Baby E thought it was some kind of practical joke.


-The good old cardboard box trick. Must be large enough to climb into and out of. Done, boom. Note: I did not actually change the baby’s clothes as many times as it would appear in this post. Some are from yesterday.

babybox1Enjoy your playtime!


2 responses to “Baby, it’s Flippin Cold Outside

  1. you are the best mother ever!!! These ideas are genius!!! Miss your beautiful face and hope your family is well.

    • Oh Erin, I love you. You always have the most supportive thing to say, even when you’re telling hard truths. Miss you soooo much. I even miss the psycho freezing cold Vermont. Hope you are enjoying the indoor running until outdoor conditions improve…

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