Ah, pregnancy.

As I type this, Baby M is kicking my bladder. As in, I can FEEL the feet literally whacking at it. Oye. Thus far, this has been an uneventful pregnancy. I think the most bizarre occurrence would be the inverted ravings in comparison to Baby E, which began healthy and then deteriorated into ice cream, Oreos and s’mores from the microwave, whereas Baby M started out with the not-for-public-disclosure foods and has now morphed into raw veggies and endless orange slices. Whatever, it is a work in progress.

The fabulous news is the due date is creeping closer…as they generally do, and March 15th is only ten weeks away. I am so ready for this. Now that I know I know how to give birth (this was NOT obvious to me first time around, much to zepapabear’s utter confusion…”but you’re a woman!” he would say repeatedly, “of COURSE you can give birth!”…whatever. Now, I have climbed the mountain, and know the view from the top, so we’re good. Plus, I have a bomb hospital and accompany midwives and OBGYNs, which just makes this whole she-bang feel that much better.

So, now it is nesting time. Which is pregnancy-slang for, “time-to-drive-zepapabear-flipping-batshit-nuts”. Poor guy. Last time, I was all about organizing and cooking. This time, it is all about reconfiguring the nursery, adding sensible storage systems and purging the crap we don’t want or need and/or hold onto because someone made it and we feel bad. Buh-Bye. Additionally, crafting up-cycled items in the house is a big turn-on for both of us. There is something about a toy that would have otherwise landed in the recycling bin that just gets me all hot bothered. Duct tape? Ooooh baby, baby.


Fun stuff on radar:

www.geekdad.com (everyone knows about this but me, but whatever, I am posting it)

www.rookiemoms.com is asking about social media etiquette for parents, found here. See my comment, (which desperately needs editing) on the matter…

I don’t know WHY you might want to cry, but if you have a second baby on the way or new to your home…this should do it. It is unspeakably beautiful. http://usingourwords.com/2013/09/30/reader-feature-kelly-prepares-for-baby-2/



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